SHORE TO SHIP Transmissions to Boat Radio
broadcasting on Pop Up digital radio in
Bournemouth | South Hampshire | Sussex Coast |
Kent | Southend & Chelmsford |

For as long as ships have sailed the sea, we have signalled them with beacons, flags, lights, horns, telegraphs, and radio. But while 'ship to shore' is a commonplace, the reverse seems less familiar. 'Shore to Ship' describes a way we rarely go, an aspect of ourselves we seldom see. It is a space we apprehend as much by sound as sight, a band of resonance, the pulse of waves of water - waves of air - radiating echoes of the shore out to the sea, stitched across by the traffic of transmitted voices.

From late June and throughout July 2012 Folkestone Fringe broadcasted Shore-to-Ship transmissions to Lone Twin's Boat Project as she sailed past our shores. Commissioned artists took the opportunity to cross the space between and engage them in conversation. While the ship's log – singer/songwriter Johny Lamb aka Thirty Pounds of Bone –wrote, performed and transmitedt a song for each leg of the voyage, Folkestone Fringe artists – Alex Baker, Neil Harmon, Sarah Neilsen, Toby Oakes, Kelvin Pawsey and Jonathan Wright – made and transmitted six sound works to the boat from chosen locations along the Kent and Sussex coast.


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